"Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and managers in creating value through the application of specific solutions according to the real needs of their business."

3ba Advisors consists of several partners with extensive experience in various sectors of business. Our Partners and Consultants are entrepreneurs and managers who managed companies in different sectors and sizes, at different stages of development, for many years.

Their experiences include:

Mechanical Industry

Distribution (FMCG) and logistics

Biotechnology and medical services


IT and telecommunications

Production and distribution of pharmaceuticals



Safety and security



Quality Management

We support the management team in creating both the added value and the safety of organization by increasing efficiency, cost savings, improving management, streamlining processes and increasing the effectiveness of human resources.

Areas of support offered to our Clients by our Partners and Consultants are as follows:

Analysis of business operations
  • Analysis of resources and objectives in terms of business processes in the scope of the business’ sphere and needs
  • Identification of problem areas and providing recommendations of optimal solutions
  • Management support in the implementation of changes.
Compensation and Benefits Systems
  • Optimization of wage costs by increasing productivity and strengthening the company’s image as a reliable and attractive employer
  • Analysis of current payroll structure
  • Design of internal consistency and performance stimulating wage systems. Participation in negotiations with the Trade Unions.
Employer Branding

Promoting the organization in the environment and strengthening the marketing message. Increasing the motivation of the employees. It is the cheapest investment in human capital, its satisfaction and commitment.

Business Security
  • Developing safety standards and designing economically viable solutions to ensure optimal safety levels in the organization
  • Optimizing security costs
  • Conducting security trainings and testing their effectiveness, and modifying as needed
  • Designing and implementing the processes for reporting business misconduct and fraud within the organization (whistle blowing)
  • Conducting internal investigations
Information Security Management System
  • Analysis of existing information assets register and assessing the levels of importance
  • Evaluating risks and threats
  • Define objectives and scope of security management, as well as security management policies
  • Ensuring ISO 27001 compliance
  • Implementing and training all parties concerned
Business Continuity Plans
  • Developing comprehensive Business Continuity Plans (BCP) for emergency and crisis contingency.
  • Identifying types of risks that may interrupt operations
  • Determining the minimum necessary threshold of human and material resources, and infrastructure thereof, for the restoration of normal activity
  • Training, testing and supervising the BCP staff
Soft External HR Director
  • Based on the advisory agreement, direct access to a very experienced and competent HR specialist
  • Avoiding the high costs of an experienced full-time specialist
  • Effective support for the Board to develop and implement effective human resources practices
  • Creating a clear operational strategy to implement the vision of the Board
  • Concentration on strategic goals of the organization, not only in the short-term
  • Supporting the staff in determining the extent of the restructuring, shaping the objectives, the principles and methods implemented, the processes used, and the delegation of teams and duties.
  • Reduction of employment costs in a manner that causes no negative impact on the image of the employer
  • Outplacement fulfills legal obligations to employees and helps to reduce concerns of bad relations with former employees
  • External services help to reduce the risks of former employees becoming disloyal and/or creating negative attitudes within the company
  • Staff receives professional support in finding new employment or starting their own business
Competence Management


  • Execution of the Board’s vision across and along the hierarchy of job functions and positions
  • Competence management for team building based on the best people for each job
  • Innately reduces the cost of training and development activities by directing development to high priority areas
  • Competences should be tailored to the specific organization and its strategic goals.
Secure Data
  • Compliance with security procedures and the Personal Data Protection Act to ensure the safety of HR staff and the Board of Directors
  • Discrepancy analysis
  • Designing and implementing practical, effective and efficient solutions and procedures consistent with the law
  • Providing tools to test existing procedures and introducing corrective action where needed
  • Providing training in the area data security
Information Security Management
  • Supervising the implementation and proper functioning of the physical, organizational and technical measures of protection to ensure information security
  • Archiving and storing proper documentation
  • Reviewing security policies and providing necessary periodic training
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
Safety Audits
  • Comprehensively assessing the organization’s safety risks and related risks.
  • Analysis of existing procedures and effectiveness of their implementation
Increasing Production Efficiency
  • Analysis, identification and presentation of areas of improvement for production processes
  • Analysis of the performance and load of individual units
  • Recommending changes and introducing mechanisms to ensure the desired quality levels
  • Supporting the implementation of said changes
Effective Sales
  • Analysis of sales targets in the context of a company’s budget and costs
  • Analysis of sales forecasting methods, goals, intensity, and reporting, from the perspective of the company and individual traders
  • Formulating, implementing and supporting effective sales solutions
Performance Management
  • Streamlining of processes in the organization
  • Increasing productivity and employee engagement and, thereby, increasing the value of human capital and the therein the market value of the Company

Additional benefits include:

  • Reaching business objectives (including the budget)
  • Better communication within the organization
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

We aid in the design of customized performance appraisal systems.

Interim Management
  • Our main areas of expertise include: Financial Management, Human Resources and Brand Revitalization.
  • Use of external managers’ experience in project management or certain functions for a limited time
Manager’s Conscience

Creating opportunities to confront ideas and concepts of the Manager directly with personally available counselor to discuss concerns and to consult the behavior or decision.

Product Safety Operating Procedures
  • Developing and implementing procedures for product safety
  • Adapting procedures for different offerings
Service Provider Assessment


  • Analysis of the risks associated with various choices of suppliers and services
  • Evaluation of the purchasing process
Preparing for ISO 27001 certification
  • Analyzing of the business processes within the organization
  • Assessing documentation for specific areas of activity in the company
  • Reviewing written policies, procedures, instructions and directives
  • Analysis covers both legally required documentation as well as relevant best practices execution
Logistics Optimization
  • Analysis of inventory levels and management
  • Recommendations to reduce work-in-process capital and increase turnover efficiency
  • Overview of suppliers and purchasing policies
  • Ad-hoc renegotiation of purchase agreements
  • Developing and optimizing effective distribution
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